Sibu is the largest port and commercial centre in the Rejang Basin and the gateway to Central Sarawak.  Located at the confluence of the Rejang and Igan Rivers,Sibu is a thriving modern town with a vibrant centre and a bustling, crowded waterfront.

To visitors, Sibu feels more down-to-earth and its people are direct, plain-speaking and assertively friendly.  Of course, their smiles may be partly due to the belief that Sibu has more millionaires per capita than any other city in Borneo.
Sibu is not only fascinating in its own right; with its excellent road, air and river transport links it is also the ideal jumping-off point for exploring the whole Rejang Basin, from the coastal town of Mukah to the furthest reaches of the Upper Rejang, over 600km upriver. Rejang sunsets can be truly spectacular.
Places to stay:
  • RH Hotel Sibu
  • Premier Hotel Sibu
  • The Paramount Hotel
  • The Orchid Hotel
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